Month: May 2018

Egg Drop Challenge

Every year, one of the highlights of 8th grade science is to create a device that you can drop an egg from various heights. This is not a new challenge by any means (in fact, I did this when I was in 8th grade!).

In the past, I’ve done the same thing with the 8th grade every year. The students are given a list of supplies to choose from to create their egg drop device, and those are the only items they can use. This year, I wanted to try something different! Rather than giving them a list of approved supplies, I decided to give a list of things NOT allowed. Students had to think more creatively and have a much wider range of materials to work from.

Someone created a rainbow chicken this year – and it worked well!
This has to be one of my favorite egg drop devices of all time, even if the egg broke a few times! This student created “Captain Cluck”!

I also think it’s funny when students make their devices look like a chicken. It cracks me up every time! The most creative design gets extra credit points, but I also throw in a few extra points for the chicken ones. They deserve a bonus for putting forth that slightly extra effort. This year, we had some especially creative designs!

The Egg-cellent Event

The big event happens in the parking lot of our school. All the lower grades that can come file into the parking lot area and sit in rows on the pavement. Our school’s amazing maintenance man actually does the egg dropping for me. He is amazing, and sets up the ladder against the school before I even arrive in the morning! (Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the set up this year!) I have the students drop their egg devices from a 3 meter mark and then a 4 meter park for their grade. If the eggs survive from both those heights, we also drop their egg from the “roof” which is really as high on the super long ladder our maintenance man is willing to go!

To summarize, here are my rules and regulations for the drop:

  1. Students may NOT use any materials on the “Do not use” list, which include food items, glass, metal, bubble wrap, balloons, etc.
  2. Students must have their devices ready to go at the time of the drop.
  3. Devices must be created so that the egg can be put into the device easily before the drop and then taken out once the drop is completed to prove there are no cracks on the egg.
  4. The teacher will provide all the eggs.
  5. Repairs and adjustments MAY be made during the dropping time. Materials needed for these repairs should be provided by the student and they have to make these repairs before their turn comes again.

I do grade this project. In order to receive 100%, students must follow all directions both in preparing their egg drop device and while the egg drop event is occurring. The eggs also may not crack when dropped from the 3 meter height AND the 4 meter height. If cracks appear or their egg breaks, they do get another try for these heights, but not at full credit.

Overall, this event, is one of the most anticipated projects. My eighth graders just love going out and having all the younger students watching them and cheering them on! It is something that the whole school looks forward too!


We’re here – in the middle of the last few weeks of school. We are in the May-hem month. Does anyone else feel like May is just insane? Not only is everybody anxious (and bonkers) for the end of the school year, there are like 5 billion different activities going on!

School May-hem

Between the last days of April throughout the month of May, our school holds Grandparents Day, multiple concerts and programs, end of year state testing, finals, field days, plus all the rest of the stuff you are supposed to be doing like teaching the children every day.

And that is just what is happening inside the school walls. My husband has final youth group events, high school graduation celebrations, and other random end of year events. My kids, even though they are still small, have a church program, need daycare teacher gifts, and all the sign ups for swimming lessons, camps, and any other activity happening in the summer are going on right now! No wonder my house looks like it does.

Watch This!

When I saw this video by the Holderness Family, I knew I’m not alone in the May-hem of this final month of the school year. And I still love NSYNC. Watch and see!

(If you like this, you should see the other parodies they put together. Awesome!) But we continue to push through because we see the light! In just a few weeks, we will have the freedom of summer time!   So how do we survive the May-hem?

Get to June!