I absolutely LOVE when I can incorporate food into any of my lessons. When I saw a picture on Pinterest showing Bohr Models made of cereal, I knew I had to try it myself!

(You can see the link here from Some of the Best Things In Life are Mistakes)

Chemistry Activity

My 8th grade science class learns about the different models of the atom. We typically use the Bohr model the most, since it shows the energy levels and prepares students to understand more about electrons being gained and lost. However, it is a struggle to get students to understand the electron levels and how to correctly draw these models.

Enter cereal. Creating larger, hands-on models with yummy, sugary, colorful cereal should help them remember!

Before jumping into the bowl (get it, cereal… bowl…? My students love those kind of jokes… maybe…) I made sure to show students how we draw Bohr models. We discussed the different energy levels and took note of how the periodic table is setup so we can see exactly how many electrons can fit in each level.

Students first drew and color coded Bohr models for two different elements. This way I could check to see they understood BEFORE getting the glue out! Once students could demonstrate good understanding of the model, I gave them a plate, cereal and glue. It actually worked out that the students that had no problem understanding could independently get to work on their cereal models. Students that were still confused gathered with me so together, we could review what we had learned about atoms and how to draw these models. Then, I could walk them through the process again with the cereal!

Cereal Bohr Models!

Overall, I think it was a success. Students happily munched on some extra protons and electrons while gluing down the pieces in the correct orbitals. Simple, but effective and fun! It also makes a great, EASY bulletin board. My kind of lesson!

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