I completed a huge task this week. My classroom closet is finally organized! I began this project the last day of school and worked diligently on it for several hours the first day of summer break. And then that was it. The gusto of summer time = get organized left and the pleasure of “relaxing” with the kids at home began.

Until this week. My husband was able to stay home with the kids for a few hours one morning and I reluctantly needed to go to school to get a few other odds and ends done. I did those odds and ends, and then tackled the last shelves of the closet. The closet looks great and will hopefully stay that way for awhile! At least until the second day of school…

Here are some before and after pictures:


All of this came out of the closet. The trick was putting it back in!


I can actually see what is inside! Yay!

Now, school is not the only place I have been trying to get organized. This is always an ongoing summer project at home. The problem at home though is as soon as a slave for hours getting one room of the house organized, another is totally destroyed. With two small ones nothing stays organized for long either!

I used the following guidelines to stay organized as much as I can!

  1. Do a little at a time – I work on a nap time schedule when it comes to organizing. Sometimes I only have 20 minutes! However, that is the perfect amount of time for cleaning out a drawer or organizing a shelf. Usually if I just have the goal of clearing just one part, I get into the swing of things and do more than I intended!
  2. Get rid of things you don’t use! – This can be difficult at times. I tend to save things “just in case”. However, when I organize, I try to have the mindset that if I haven’t used it in several months or more, it probably needs to be moved to a new place or trashed.
  3. Take a few extra minutes here and there to maintain the work! – Another one I have trouble with doing consistently! Spending a little time here and there to keep up the organization would save much more time! Easier said than done though…
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself – You know what? We all do what we can when we can. Sometimes keeping your giant science supply closet organized is NOT top priority. That’s ok. And sometimes snuggling and reading a few books with your toddler needs to happen more an organized sock drawer.

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