Another week of summer has started! Is it just me, or is it going by super fast? Between swimming lessons, birthday parties, weddings, and open houses, we are squeezing in a lot of relaxing time! I haven’t completely disregarded school work though. Does any teacher? Last week, I actually attended a fabulous two day conference focused on integrating technology into the classroom. I love this conference – it is in town, run by one of the nearby school districts, and many of the sessions are run by other teachers. In my opinion, those are the best kind of conferences – other teachers being real with what works and what doesn’t!

Here are some of the tech tools that were brought up in some of the sessions that are worth taking a look at!

  1. EdulasticBy far the best of the tech tools I discovered for the session. Edulastic is an interactive online assessment program containing prewritten, standard-aligned questions.  The site describes edulastic as: Technology-enhanced assessments instantly show who’s on track and who needs help so you can take action and see growth.You can select questions or make your own. Students can go online to take it. Results are immediate and you can track and keep record of different areas that your class and individual students need work on, all with a few clicks of a button! I definitely plan to use this in my math classes this fall.
  2. Pear Deck – Want a more interactive slide presentation for your students? Look into Pear Deck. This Google slides add-on allows students to enter information from their devices along with your slides presentation. Rather than stopping to ask a few students their opinions on various topics, all students have a voice! Although I have experienced the “student” side in a presentation, I have yet to check out the teacher’s end of this extension. The basic version of Pear Deck is free to use, but like many tech tools, you can gain more features by paying.

    Pear Deck
    Check out
  3. Quizizz This is another tool that I will immediately be using in all my classes. My best description of this site is a calmer version of Kahoot. Yes, students love Kahoot! But sometimes it is almost a little too wild. Sometimes students got so excited, they clicked the buttons without looking at the answers. Quizizz actually lets students go at their own pace on their individual device. The classroom may actually  be quiet since students are still awarded more points for faster answering, but don’t have to wait for time to run to go on. You can choose already created assessments or create your own. And best of all… it’s free!


So try these three out – I’m sure at least one will be a hit. I have a few more that I’ve found, so stay tuned!

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