Do any teachers out there give out “summer homework?”

You know, the packet you give to students before the break. The one they need to do to “keep up” the skills they learned? This packet that most won’t complete until two days before school starts? Teachers typically give it to students to prepare them or to keep their skills “fresh” over the summer months. Maybe it is a book to read, or workbook pages to complete? I have not done the “packet” in my years of teaching, but I have thought about some simple project like collecting a few leaf samples or rocks from places you’ve been.

However, I had to share something that I found online a few days ago and I’m sad I did not find it before school got out. I think this is a great idea to give to students INSTEAD of that “packet” or assignments. Now, I don’t think it is a bad idea to keep up with the basic skills students have learned. Yet, summer is so much more than just a “break” from school. It is a time to learn more than what can be taught in the classroom, explore further than the recess field and spend extra time with your family.

The Summer Packet

This article from emphasizes those things! It is a summer “homework” list, more for the parents than the students. Although it is directed more towards younger grade levels, I think it rings true for parents of any kids. As parents, we need to remember that some things are not and cannot be taught in the classroom! Kids get tired of being pushed and pushed and pushed in academics. And even if they succeed in those academic skills, social and emotional aspects are just as important!

The article ends with a quote that I love the quote from Betsy Eggart:

“I just wanted to remind my parents to slow down, look at their children and live some life together this summer,” she said. “I can’t put life on a worksheet.”

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