Valentine’s Day is coming soon–or wait, it’s here! It always seems silly to me when you see aisles of pink, red and white in the stores before Christmas is even over. But BOOM, all of a sudden, this day of flowers and chocolate sneaks up on you. All of a sudden, I need to organize a little party for my homeroom class. (This is still important, even in middle school… or should I say, especially important because it is middle school…).

My kids all of a sudden need to bring Valentine’s to their day care. Yes, my 3 month old is bringing her daycare “friends” strawberry applesauce, which she cannot even eat yet. But I found these super cute tags on Savoring the Good so it’s all good!

All of a sudden it is the day before Valentine’s Day, and I don’t even have card for my husband. Oops…

I did notice a few days ago though, that I had no Valentine’s Day decor around the house. I’m not into super cheesy decorations or going overboard, but I think a few well placed pieces are a fun and festive way to get into the different seasons. So a DIY Valentine’s Day project began!

DIY Valentine’s Decor
My son loves to help with crafts. Here, he got to paint his own board!

I am a little obsessed with all things made with hand and footprints from my children. My two year old’s room is decorated with a transportation theme. His footprints are different motor vehicles and I took hand prints and made them into a traffic light! Since my daughter’s feet are still itty bitty, I want to take advantage any way I can!

Because I had boards left over from my last DIY project (you can see it here), I simply painted one red with a white border.

Next, I brushed paint onto my daughter’s cute feetsies and stamped them one at a time onto my board to make the shape of a “V”. I free handed the letters “L” and “E” in the corners of the board. Finally, I took my son’s hand and placed it to make an “O”.

It turned out pretty good! All in all, this project took me less than 30 minutes of work. I did little parts at a time, but it was super easy and inexpensive, and I love that I will be able to pull it out for several years to come and remember how little my babies were!

If you are in a pinch for a gift or card for someone, try this! If you don’t have a wood board, paper would work great and you can turn it into a nice note or even frame it for a grandparent. Who doesn’t love the adorableness of tiny hands and feet!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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